APSAC Research to Practice Briefs

In order for APSAC to achieve our goal of strengthening practice through knowledge, we must ensure that up-to-date, high quality research results are reaching the practitioners who need it most. To accomplish this, APSAC has assembled cadres of individuals working in psychology, social work, medicine, child welfare, and law to write 2-3 page translational summaries of articles from Child Maltreatment, APSAC's peer-reviewed, quarterly journal. These briefs will be designed to provide clear policy and practice implications of the research useful to people working in different disciplines.

APSAC collaborates with faculty at academic institutions to offer graduate students the opportunity to write briefs that meet our criteria and received feedback from professionals. Such briefs are identified with a "student author."

If you are interested in authoring Research to Practice Briefs or would like to bring them to your classroom as an assignment, contact Bri Stormer at

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In the listing below, click on a year and issue number to see the articles in that publication.


Depressive Symptom Trajectories Among Sexually Abused Youth: Examining the Effects of Parental Perpetration and Age of Abuse Onset

(Study Authors: Matthew W. Carlson & Assaf Oshri Brief Author: Katie Steck, MA)

Impact of Emergency Shelter Utilization and Kinship Involvement on Children's Behavior Outcomes

(Study Authors: Lauren A Hindt, Grace Jhe Bai, Brynn M. Huguenel, Anne K. Fuller, Scott C. Leon Brief Authors: Jennifer R. Clark, PsyD & Kendra Alkire)

Household Food Insecurity and Parent-to-Child Aggresion

(Study Authors: Helton, J.J., Jackson, D.B., Boutwell, B.B. & Vaughn, M.G. Brief Author: Elizabeth J. Gifford, PhD)

AF-CBT for Families Experiencing Physical Aggression or Abuse Served by the Mental Health or Child Welfare System: An Effectiveness Trial

(Study Authors: Kolko, D.J., Herschall, A.D., Baumann, B.L., Hart, J.A., Wisniewski, S.R. Brief Author: Hannah Holrook)

Connecting Child Maltreatment Risk with Crime and Neighborhood Disadvantage Across Time and Place: A Bayesian Spatio-temporal Analysis

(Study Authors: Matthew C. Morris, Miriam Marco, Kathryn Maguire-Jack, Chrystyna D. Kouros, Brooklynn Bailey, Ernesto Ruiz, Wansoo Im Brief Author: Gia Elise Barboza, JD, PhD)

Facilitating the Expression of Emotions by Alleged Victims of Child Abuse During Investigative Interviews Using the Revised NICHD Protocol

(Study Authors: Yael Karni-Visel, Irit Hershkowitz, Michael E. Lamb, Uri Blasbalg Brief Author: Deedee Pegler)

Child Neglect in the Broader Context of Child Victimization

(Study Authors: Heather A. Turner, Jennifer Vanderminden, David Finkelhor, Sherry Hamby Brief Author, Bri Stormer, MSW )

Atypical Prefrontal-Amygdala Circuitry Following Childhood Exposure to Abuse: Links with Adolescent Psychopathology

(Study Authors: Matthew Peverill, Margaret A. Sheridan, Daniel S. Busso, & Katie A. McLaughlin Brief Author: Kristine Creavey, PhD )